Suggestions for improving the ZivugTech site

  1. Ability to edit submitted profiles

  2. Requirement to list location of profile (it can only deter people from spending the time to reach out to the contact to find out where the person lives - especially when so many people have been creating profiles like this lately).

  3. Ability to close profiles (ie.person does not want to be listed anymore or has been married).

  4. Ability to search for profiles based on distance from desired location - requires making it mandatory to add a zip code at the least when submitting a profile!

  5. List what age range a person is looking at (so many people only want to be within a year or two of each other)

Feel free to add whatever else you feel is sorely lacking.


Thanks for the feedback and ideas. We are in middle of testing a new version of the ZivugTech platform which already included some of the suggested features and much more. Keep sending us feedback. We want to hear.

I like some of the ideas listed above; however, I feel that adding functionality that encourages people to limit their options does not help people get married. For example, people who are looking for a spouse in a narrow age range or zip code is not helpful for them. Forcing everyone else to fill in those fields discourages openness to allowing Hashem to send you the right zivug (not necessarily the lists of things you think are good for you). You never know!

You make a good point. Whenever we worked on designing features we were very conscious of this and we tested our theories. For example, you cant search for only Ashkenaz or only a Yisroel but you can search for Sephardi or Cohen. These nuances make a difference.

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Regarding listing location, I think that it is also important to state if the person is willing/able to relocate (and if so, how far). (Relocating to the next neighborhood does not help those of us out - of - towners.)


I agree that the option to edit submitted profiles is lacking


I don’t know if I’m the only one with this problem, but I find that when I try to copy and paste the link to someone’s profile, so that I can send it to a potential match, the person is not able to open it. I literally have to copy the whole entire profile not just the link. Am I the only one with this problem?

If so, I think it would be an improvement to fix it and make it so that we can copy and paste the link in an email and the person who gets it can open it. Anything to make things easier is a help.

Not sure what you’re referring to but you can simply share a resume with anyone by clicking the share button at the top of any resume.

Age range is important, you’re not going to setup an 18yr old girl with a 30yr old guy, are you? If not then why do you need to see their profiles? The point is to make it easier for the shadchan here.

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They may be referring to failure to send out an email via he backend. I’ve had on a few occasions where I’ve sent out the match profile via the share button but the person never received the information.

Its possible it went to the receivers spam folder. In the future if you let us know we can check the logs to see if it was sent or not.

Two suggestions:

  1. Accurate ages. If the system updated ages automatically based on the person’s birthday it would be very helpful.

  2. it may be an idea to have the system send out a notification (maybe once every few months) to each person reminding them to keep their profile current. This should reduce the number of people on the system who are no longer single, and keep their info up to date.


Thanks Reuven,

  1. Currently the site displays age based on the singles DOB and therefore automatically updates as the single gets older. Sometime people provide incorrect DOB which may cause their age to seem off.

  2. Agreed. Great idea. Will add to our roadmap. Ty

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Thanks for that. If that’s the case, I wonder if there’s a way to verify age…

I wish we can verify age. Problem is that whatever we do to verify age would deter people from signing up and we dont want anyone to have any reasons not to sign up.

there is a challenge with people not answering “accept or decline”, and not answering emails. i don’t know what can be done about this. would love to hear suggestions.
BTW : is there an accept or decline button?

Yes we discussed this feature and have a cool variation in our roadmap for future development. We are currently building out ZivugTech v2 which can be found at It is still under active development and has quirks but we are working around the clock to iron them all out and then optimize the speed so its blazing fast before we launch to the public.

thank you
tried logging in to the beta. it said user not found. i used the same user and password as i use to regularly log in.

Its a brand new system and you would need to sign up for a new account.

Good evening Ralph,
Thank you so much for all your time and efforts on this very important initiative!
Tizku L’mitzvos