You think YOU have problems?

Avraham Avinu: How can you recommend him to my daughter? Wasn’t he involved in a family feud with his father over some idols? Then he left home without a GPS or a viable business plan!

Yitzchak Avinu: His brother is an Arab terrorist!!!

Rivka Imeinu: Sorry, she seems nice but did you hear about her mishpuche??? Her father’s a murderer and her brother’s a ponzi scam artist… .

Yaakov Avinu: Okay, he sits and learns all day… but his brother is a no-goodnik. And anyway, we heard he has a limp… .

Leah Imeinu: Her father’s a con artist, and she has ophtalmological problems. Maybe it’s genetic?

Moshe Rabbeinu: Are you kidding? His parents are divorced! And worse… they remarried! And we hear he’s in speech therapy…

King David: How dare you suggest him to our yichusdike family? Our neighbor Yenti told us that his great-grandmother was a giyoret!!!

Chava: Do you know anything about her family? We never heard of them. No one knows where she came from and she can’t come up with any referrals!

Really, Hashem makes shidduchim. Don’t feel insecure or inadequate, we each have different colors and stripes- personalities, family backgrounds and unique experiences that make us who and what we are. Don’t even for one second think you ‘have issues’ or are not a ‘good catch’. Hashem has created you to be exactly the way you are, and there is a match out there who needs every part of you to be in place in order to ‘click’.
Maybe that’s why the Avos and Imahos visit each wedding…they can relate and empower each of us-no matter who and no matter what!


well said. very true.

Someone shared this with me via WhatsApp - do not know original writer of this :slight_smile:

One of the shaddchanim asked me what kind of person I’m looking for. I said: “Someone just NORMAL”.
The reply was simple: “Normal - is a type of a cycle on a washing machine. Nobody is normal now. Look for a REAL one” :slight_smile:

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“normal” is really relative
my normal standards are very often not the normal standards of somebody else.
sigh whatcha gonna do
shidduchim are getting harder due to the divorce rate skyrocketing.
"if I find somebody normal it wont happen to me"
i’m thinking that normal counts but its a far cry from midos tovos