Technical Issue

I’m having a technical difficulty with the site. I often can’t navigate from one page to another. I can’t even log in unless I go directly from one of the emails I’ve received and click on “read more”. I can’t get to “preferences” or “messages” by my name. Are others having this difficulty, or is it my computer? Does anyone have any suggestions?

I’m not sure what issue your having but it’s all working perfectly well on my computer. What “read more” in an email are you referring to? What email?

I received a few emails entitled “Zivug Tech Summary”. They list the latest posts and on the bottom there is a link called “read more”. When I click on that, I don’t have to log in, since I’m logged in automatically.

I am using a highly filtered computer, so maybe that’s the reason for the technical issues. I’m actually surprised it lets me into the site altogether.

Hmm Ya the filter can be causing the issues.