Shidduchim for divorced people

I am a divorced woman 51 looking for a shidduch. Is there anyone on here that can help me or knows who can?

Do you have a profile on zivugtech?

No I don’t. I am not familiar of how to work this site yet. I do have a profile and pic but need assistance on how to get it on here.

submit on

I asked because I’m a divorced 55 year young man looking for a shidduch.

Where are you located??

I currently live in Seattle, WA.

I currently live in Brooklyn

Would you want to send me your dating profile?

Yes I def would.
Can I email it to u instead of putting on here. I don’t know how to work this site.

my email is

I sent it please let me know if you got it.

I only received a long string of failed email delivery attempts. I sent an email to an address that looked like it could be yours.

I sent it to an @aol (as opposed to an @icloud))

Hi, I help in shidduchim. Please email your profile and picture in a separate attachment to: my home number is 732-534-0889.

Thank you & Be Matzliach

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