Shadchanim for professional working yeshiva guys?

Do you know any shadchanim that work with girls looking for professional working yeshiva guys?

Hi there! I would be happy to share information with my mentor who is a very succeessful shadchanit. I myself am a shadchanit within a shidduch group and am glad to help however i can. Bracha vhatslacha and besorot tovot!

Rabbi Hanoch Teller in Jerusalem

So glad to see your post! My daughter is a Pharmacist looking for a professional Yeshivish/Toradig guy. We have been looking for 5 years…where are they? She has been redt her older brother three times. Would you look at her resume and give some advice? refer us to someone helpful? Would so appreciate it! Lovely mitzvah to start the year off with! Thanks for reading this.

Yes, that’s exactly what I’m looking for thanks the elequent description!

My name is Adele Adjmi and I’m a Shadchan. Iknow a bunch. .maybe I can be helpful

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Well, I am someone who might fit the description. In fact, a friend referred me to this thread. So here I am. I have a BS in Computer Science and I work as a software engineer. Some people post here that they are shadchanim, but I wonder how I can get a hold of them since they don’t include contact info.

Dear Adele Adjmi thank you for responding!! How can I be in touch with you Choel HaMoed?

Cheshmorty - can we be in touch, too? I have a lot of eligible, educated girls passing through my Succa because I live close to a lot of apartments where they live. Some are in Baltimore for school or work, and some just too old to live at home anymore.

Regardless, my Pharmasict daughter is cute, blond & blue eyed, petite, thin and somewhat athletic. I have 4 sons who are strong learners, 3 currently in College so they can be self supporting. She is the oldest daughter of 8 and responsible, capable but a people person with a sense of humor. She is willing to travel for dates to New York or meet in between (Lakewood, Possaic for example). She is very willing to relocate and looks at that as an adventure.

Shadchan Mom

Good Moed sarhelman (and everyone else),

Because I don’t know any of you, I created an email specifically for this for initial contact. Please only get in touch if you feel that you can be sensitive and non-judgmental about shidduchim. - I look forward to exchanging info

Chag Sameach,

Moadim LeSimcha.
I relate alot to this post because as some of you mentioned, it is really hard to find a toradig bachur that is a professional working guy.
If any of you know or heard of a shadchan/it that works with professional working yeshiva bachurim in Israel, i’d be very happy if you can please send me his/her contact information.

have I tried Raizy Kupperwasser? her email is

try raizy with the email provided.

Adele Adjmi
Chag sameach. …

Raizy Kuperwas is a terrific shatchan and a fantastic person. When I was in Israel two years ago, I joined one of her single’s events. The evening was great, respectful and very pleasurable.

Any suggestions where to find a male from “the older crowd”? I’m looking for a nice guy in his early 60’s – Yeshivaish, Torahdig, fun loving, outgoing and tall.

I don’t know. You can try and touch base with her again, she may know other shadchanim. Hatzlacha raba.

Thank you so so much!!!
I will try contacting her b"h.

How about shadchanim for yeshivish working boys?