Shadchanim for Modern Machmir?

Can someone please list the shadchanim who work with Modern Machmir (frumer side of modern…like YU type but not necessarily only YU). Thanks!

Possibly, Shira Forman 3476450972 shira4 @ Teaneck, NJ

thank you! who can i say gave me her number?

Raphael Lasry of ZivugTech

Thank you! Much appreciated.

I might know some. .
Adele Adjmi
Feel free to message me. .

Hi, I would love to help if I can. You are welcome to email me at with your resume and a bit about yourself and what you are looking for. Although I’m not an official shadcan I have been working really hard lately to make shidduchim.

sent you a text. thank you!!!


  1. Prof. Heshie Freedman, Brooklyn, NY
  2. Anna Aranovich, Brooklyn, NY
    This was a few years ago and not sure if she still does this. Needs checking.
    Was very good.
  3. Rena Hirsch LA
    323-931-9494 or 9199

All above are very good and should be able to give more names.


Do ypu know any divorced men perhaps? I am also looking for a shidduch?

I am afraid I don’t know any divorced men looking for a shidduch.
Perhaps one of the schadchans above would know a few?

I wish you luck.