Join the ZivugTech team and together we can continue to support our amazing growth

When I founded ZivugTech a few years ago I handled everything from user research, product design and development, project management, user on-boarding, marketing, user support and fundraising. Eventually we ran out of funds and a few people volunteered and helped raise the necessary funds which we used to release our first version of ZivugTech.

Fast forward a few years and now we have tens of thousands of singles, hundreds of shadchanim, and dozens of organizations from four continents all using ZivugTech to help singles get married. The zechusim of those that donated and supported ZivugTech is immeasurable.

I’ll admit I thought I’d be able to handle everything for a long time with a small team we assembled at which has been supporting ZivugTech for several years. But then why do I now have hundreds of unread emails from people and organizations requesting support? Why can’t I respond to all the emails and answer all the phone calls from parents and singles requesting assistance with shidduchim? I’m embarrassed I allowed this to go on for so long and we haven’t been able to support everyone effectively. We are literally busting at our seams and can no longer continue supporting everyones requests effectively without growing our team.

Today I came to the conclusion we can no longer do this ourselves and its time we started taking off more hats and delegating bigger roles to more people. Its time ZivugTech grew its core team so that we can meet the demand and help the thousands of people reaching out to ZivugTech for help. We want to continue helping singles, parents, and organizations effectively and efficiently.

I sat down and began breaking down what happens on any given day at ZivugTech and created a list of roles needed to support this organization and its growth. ZivugTech is run by generous volunteers and I am now asking for anyone who would like to volunteer and join our core team to please complete our volunteer form.

We are looking for people who can help fill the many different roles and help grow our organization together. We offer our services to the public for free forever. We rely solely on generous volunteers and donations.

Raphael Lasry

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A special thanks to Shana Katzler, Tzippy Katzler, and Chani Glucksman for our newly designed website


I have a good idea to help with getting singles to date. I would like to get in touch with people that could help to implement it. Please contact me.

Please share your idea. If you’d prefer privately, you can email me at

I live in Israel recently made Aliyah, divorced and I’m 57y/o. I’m looking for a shidduch. Is there a place to post for Free for Yeshivish/Orthodox/Chareidi type singles?

You can create an account on and share your info with many organizations.

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