Is there a list of schadchans in israel for a modern orthodox?

Do we have a list of schadchans in israel for a modern orthodox?

Have you tried KatamonKonnections?

There is also a shadchan named Devora Rosenbaum in RBS who works with Dati Leumi crowd, she may know of other shadchanim.

02 9919272

Many thanks for you help. Should be useful.
Will contact them.


You can try Raizy Kuperwasser in Ramat Beit Shemesh. She is not specifically for Modern Orthodox, but many (possibly most?) of the people she deals with can probably be considered Modern Orthodox Machmir. (I’m not sure what you mean by Modern Orthodox though.)

You can also try Chevie Weiss in Ramat Beit Shemesh. I am not sure if she is actively involved in shidduchim right now or not, but she may be. And if not, she may be able to direct you.

They are both very nice!


Many thanks for the names.
You don’t by any chance have any tel. numbers for the 2 ladies?

raizy’s email is

Thanks for the email address.

Hi, I’m sorry that I didn’t post their contact info - I wasn’t sure if it was appropriate to post someone’s contact info without their permission online, and I was assuming that if you had their names and location, you would be able to find it out on your own pretty easily anyhow.

I see that someone gave you Raizy’s email address meanwhile. Were you able to get Chevie’s? If not, you can ask Raizy for it.

I will ask Raizy for Chevie’s details.

I have posted the details for several schadchans online before as I think
they would want as many people to know about them as possible so they
have more potential schiduchs to introduce to people.
However, I can understand the hesitancy.
I guess it is up to each person how they view the matter.

If you clock on anyone username you should be able to direct message them. This could be helpful if you want to share info with someone specific and not with the entire thread.

Thanks! I didn’t know that.

Always happy to help!

Hi Toby, I was actually responding to Ralph’s email about being able to direct a message to a specific person. I see that it’s not clear though (who I was replying to). I wonder why it didn’t show up - maybe I didn’t press the right “reply” button?

In any case, both of you had good points, but despite that, I don’t feel comfortable sharing her contact info without asking her, since I’m not even sure if she is involved in shidduchim at the moment, or to what extent. And I’m not convinced that all shadchanim necessarily want their contact information shared.

If you want me to, I would be happy to ask her, but I think that it would make more sense for you to ask Raizy for it. (Truthfully, I am not even sure if I have it - I would have to check anyhow).

Let me know.

Hi Brochaleah,
Misunderstanding I think. I have also tried to direct emails to an individual
and it has not worked.

Thank you for offering to contact Raizy but as you say it would make far more sense for me to ask her.

Thank you for trying to help, anyway.

Let me know what happens. If you are unable to get in touch with either of them, I’d be happy to help.

just testing to see what happens when I press the reply button on your post. :slight_smile: