I have made several shidduchim , (NOW I need one.)

I am in Texas I am Chasidic in non traditional work and am available for contact via a shadchan second party in order to network.

In the event that I do not find a shadchan I am seeking a co-author for a copy-written autobiography.

Hi. My name is Henia, I like trying to help people with shiduchim, and I’m also a writer. You can contact me at heniawriting@gmail.com

Ksiva Vchasima Tova


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Hi. .are you male or female?.. I know a few Chassidish boys. . Working but wears the laush… will wear a striemel once married. .

Female , looking for 35-53…(easy to remember that way)
I learn and am completely observant ,I am usually set up with Men with smicha.
I have an untraditional Job and a heter for pants at work.
looking for a Chavrusah for life ,I can’t have children but would adopt .
contact me at aduram8r@gmail.com with your ideas.