Have you found dating events helpful or a waste of time?

For years I’ve been invited to dating event but never went. The idea just doesn’t sit well with me. But I’ve heard many people praise these event and on the flip side I’ve heard many say they will never again go to the events. I understand there are many different types of dating events and different types of crowds. Have you found any events helpful and why?

I have never been to one as they seem to be held only “in town”.

As a female in NYC I do not find them helpful. There is often a disproportionate number of females to males (I have been to events with a ratio of 2 : 30 (!!!). There are some events that keep the numbers somewhat even and that’s more helpful.

I usually want to go to them because I get to get out plus I see what is out there. Unfortunately, the haredi single events (the ones I go to) could be managed better. They can be boring.

Haredi typically don’t attend any dating events, but mostly doing shidduchim through a shaddchan in an appropriate for the Haredim tzniusdik way. I’ve never heard in a chassidish or a litvish world about any dating events.