Great books on dating an marriage

Can anyone recommend great books on dating and marriage? - has wonderful books and digital material on dating and marriage.

I like the books you have listed. I have the singles go to a website called Amazing Marriage ,By Rabbi Pamensky. He offers some free downloads. I have an email with his downloads on it.

I also like “For Men Only” and "For Women Only"by Feldhahn. It is not jewish. 99% psychology.This author interviewed 1000 singles. She also had them fill out a survey. Her tone is respectful ,caring and simple, not complicated psychobabble. A few words here and there not for us. It is from 2004. used copies everywhere. When the singles understand the opposite genders thinking , the dating is more productive. Not so much game playing.

Everyone knows the book the "The Five Love Languages"By Gary Chapman, there is a version for singles. The first chapter alone is life changing.

Another book is "All the Good ones aren’t taken"by Debbie Magids. This author outlines 8 types of daters and how each type keeps them single. When a single can see their pattern, that gives them the opportunity to control the outcome.

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I wrote a book on relationship dynamics, not only on marriage but helpful to reaching a closer connection in all relationships and can definitely enhance marriage. The Judaic version is called The Missing Peace published by Menucha and available on their website and in most Judaica stores. The secularized version is entitled When ice cream is not enough and is available on Amazon. Thanks, Esther