Book a Shadchan - Good idea?


  1. It has become increasingly difficult for shadchanim to dedicate themselves to working on shidduchim fullitme because many can’t support their families solely on shadchan gelt alone.

  2. There is a shortage of shadchanim. No shortage of singles. How can we recruit more people to become part time or full time shadchanim?

  3. Many singles especially as they get older feel as though they are forgotten. They cant reach shadchanim and find it difficult to keep a shadchan’s attention for more than a minute or two. How can we get singles in front of shadchanim who can dedicate a period of time to focus solely on each single?

Potential Solution:

I’m working on this idea called Book A Shadchan ( or that I think may help solve some of these issues to some extent.

  • Imagine a directory of shadchanim online with a detailed profile on each shadchan that explains what each shadchan specializes in and what type of people they focus on.

  • Singles browse the different shadchan profiles and find appropriate shadchanim that can help them find a shidduch.

  • The single is then able to book the shadchan for a specific amount of time on a specific date whereby the shadchan is dedicated solely on this singles shidduchim.

  • The single pays a fee to the shadchan to confirm the booking. This fee is preset by each shadchan.

This might help solve all three issues raised above:

  1. Shadchanim will now be able to get paid for their time upfront and not just from engagements alone. This can improve a shadchan’s income which would allow them to remain full time focused and dedicated shadchanim.

  2. We now also incentivized new people to begin working on shidduchim because they can now get paid for their time to dedicate to singles instead of waiting for an idea to follow through to engagement and marriage. Even if people are now incentivized to dedicate an hour a day to shidduchim they can potentially make a few thousands dollars a month extra. That can be a serious incentive for many shadchan dabblers.

  3. Singles will now be able to get a shadchan’s undivided attention and stop feeling as though they were forgotten. The single can move from shadchan to shadchan by booking each appropriate shadchan for an appropriate fee that gets paid to the shadchan for the booking.

This is the very basic high level concept and I’d love to hear your feedback. The good and the bad.

Your Feedback Needed:

  1. Do you think this can work? Should we set this up and test the viability of this idea?
  2. What issues do you think we’d run into right away or down the line?
  3. Would you pay to book a shadchan? How much?
  4. Would you start getting involved as a shadchan if someone booked your time and paid you? How much would you want to get paid for your time?

Thanks in advance for your feedback.

I think it’s a great idea! In fact, as a professional single, I don’t have the time to search and beg for shadchanim’s attention. Instead, I want to pay them so that they work for me, but it’s difficult to do even that because they won’t even have the time to listen to my suggestion to pay them and it is also uncomfortable to bring up the payment idea… but I am more than willing to pay for their service and work with them with DIGNITY! this last point is crucial for singles.

Thanks for your initiative!


As a new shadchan who is balancing work, family, and the bills, I also think it’s a great idea. I really had no idea how much work can go into getting just one date going until I started. Hours!


Thank you for all your incredible work concerning shiduhims!

I think these are great ideas!! I absolutely think that a shadhan, if being shadhan is his parnassa, has to get payed for his time and not only for engagements, I think it will helps a lot to increase the chances for a single to manage to call him.

I would be very interested by having news about these ideas bookashadchan or callashadchan!!

Kol hakavod for all this great mitsva!! Shavua tov!!