Any shatchans in LA?

ARe there any shatchans that people recommend in the Los Angeles area?

Maybe try

Lea mendell Lm247s@
Rochelle Frankel 323-896-3335
Blimy 323-791-8731

I’m not actually a shadchan. I am an advocate for bais yakov LA and bnos esther graduates.
If someone needs direction on whom to call though they can text or call me

Lea Mendell

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Marty Pollack: businessman & Shadchan in LA who has a network of shadchans across country-

Can also try:
Aviva Maller
Michelle Barak
Rebbitzon Muskin
Rena Hirsch
Sharon Mainstain
Yehudis Orloff

There’s also Mrs. Gittie Fiengold.

What are their email addresses? I would so appreciate any contact info :slight_smile:

what are their email addresses?