After both sides agree to divorce, and the get is given amicably, what is the "normal" amount of time that each person should take before dating?

Even if the marriage was over way before the get was given, there is still the new emotional trauma of settling into a new living space and shuttling kids, dividing up holidays, figuring out expenses, etc…Some advise a full year to settle into the new lifestyle before dating. I know that this is an individual preference, but for those who are reading, please weigh in with your perspective!
Thank you!


I really think there is no one right answer here. It is very individual and depends upon how ready you feel considering all factors involved.

Much Hatzlacha and Siyata Dishmaya

I have seen many (many!) who have the fortitude and wherewithal to continue living so much so that by the time the unfortunate end (the divorce) is finalized they have already developed relationship and made preparations to marry. They set the new wedding date to be within a couple months of having received their freedom!

As a young one not having experienced such I believe as the old ladies would accuse that perhaps the one who did remarry quickly wasn’t really faithful. But now, having been on the other side of that I see it differently.

Don’t waste the life so graciously given to you! Go. Do. Press back on fear. Push fear like fear pushes you. Listen to Rabbi Shlomo Zalman Bregman’s messengers on fear.

Personally, I have taken every moment to get healthy mentally and spiritually. B’’H I finally know who I want in my life — Shalom bies for me includes a Torah scribe for spouse. I am grateful for the university education I pursued so that as the wife I will bring wealth into our tangible world and he will will guide us to HaShem bringing in the real wealth — peace and happiness— into our future.

Perhaps a study in time is necessary. Scripture tells us that wherever we are, God is there with us. In the past “I am with you.” In your future “I have already been there.” HaShem is with us in our every moment— even in those moments we have yet to experience. Just press on. Move forward into your future; HaShem is there await for you to step into to what He has prepared for you. Just make certain you adequately prepare yourself for the best future He has for you.