Adopt a Shadchan

Join us on this exciting new initiative

“Adopt a Shadchan” was created with the vision of creating a vibrant marketplace of talented shadchanim. At the present time, finding a shadchan that can give you the time of day is rare to say the least. The system as it is currently stuctured does not lend itself to encouraging talented individuals to focus solely on making shidduchim. Often these individuals burn out, or must find jobs with steady pay in order to support their families.

Adopt a Shadchan aims to change this dynamic. By paying shadchanim a base salary, we encourage talented people to focus on making shidduchim their first priority. With metrics, accountability, and a centralized place singles and parents can go, Adopt a Shadchan will create the seed change we need to make our system a better one.

We have an opportunity to start this lorganization today. A team of shadchanim with a proven track record are ready to dedicate themselves to the klal led by and including Ruchi Gibberstein and Lisa Elefant. We are counting on a grassroots effort to make this happen.

If every family takes on a minimum monthly commitment of $25 we can fund this platform today. It’s simple, the money goes straight to the shadchanim, with no administrative costs. You can see the profiles of the shadchanim and their stats, and more details about this project on our website and get nachas and be apart of every shidduch made.

Let’s do our part in creating the system we so desperately need and make the difference in thousands of lives today.