A place to shidduch resumes?

Is there someplace that the resumes can be posted so singles can look at them?

PartnersInShidduchim.com is a free site that allows anyone to post a single’s profile and search through all the profiles. Singles (or their representative) can search for profiles they like and contact the single or his/her representative listed on the profile to initiate a shidduch.

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There is a Whatsapp group where resumes are posted daily of girls and boys with no chatting allowed. message me here if you want the number to be added.

this sounds interesting and intriguing. would like to find out more please get back to me

Is that group for chassidish type as well ?

i know of a chasidish women members only group
if you have potentials to post sent them them to
or resume@shidduchmeeting.com
Please include name & parents info
basic stuff like age and contact info
education & shul info
some references
A pic is recommended but not necessary

Is there any place for (me) older religious women? There must be older men who have lost their spouses — yet still have little ones who need a mother to rear them up proper and in deep reverence. And yet who could be a reference for an old woman?! Ah the plight!

You can submit your info at zivugunited.org where several hundred shadchanim will see it and try working on ideas for you.